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Updated: 03/04/2020

Full Range

£ 42 .00

Handmade solid oak coat and key rack which we'll personalise with your family or house name at no extra charge.

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£ 125 .00

Contemporary coat rack with hanging rail, shelf and four stainless steel hooks. A great addition to neaten up any hallway.

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£ 5 .00

White stainless steel 10 hook rail with light wood veneer detail at at great low STORE price!

£ 45 .00

Artistic take on the humble coat rack from the designers from J-ME.

£ 15 .00

Cast iron and slate dog tails storage hook to stop coats, bags, dog leads etc going walkies.

£ 25 .00

Available in a dark, light wood or White lacquered finish, this well made folding coat hook designed by David Quan is one of our best sellers.

£ 15 .00

Cast iron and slate stag antler storage hook to keep coats, bags, dog leads etc tidy in the hallway, utility room, boot room etc.

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£ 129 .00

Freestanding coat rack with 6 storage hooks and integrated stool.

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£ 89 .00

Stylish dark wood or white coat stand designed by Eugenie de Loynes with 8 offset storage hooks.

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£ 165 .00

Antique brass finished coat stand with 6 storage hooks and a sturdy black marble base.

£ 25 .00

David Quan's classic flip coat hook is now available in a stylish walnut and black finish.

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£ 10 .00

Practical and stylish hook rack with 2 storage pegs. Ideal for hanging just about anything; coats, bags, dog leads, aprons etc.

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£ 20 .00

Practical and stylish hook rack with 5 storage pegs. Ideal for hanging just about anything; coats, bags, dog leads, aprons etc.

£ 22 .00

Practical and stylish raw oak hanging rail with 3 storage pegs.

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£ 8 .00

Vertical over door hook with 8 multi-coloured hooks.

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£ 8 .00

Scandi double wall mounted storage hook, crafted from bent bamboo. Perfect for a stylish hallway or porch area.

£ 25 .00

A great piece of wall art that unexpectedly transforms into a collection of storage hooks that can be used for scarves, coats, bags and accessories.

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£ 320 .00

Functional, sturdy and stylish, this German made brushed stainless steel coat and umbrella stand looks stunning in any cloak room, hallway or reception area.

Choose from White, Walnut, Grey or Natural

£ 130 .00

The Flapper coat stand comes with nine flip-down cast iron aluminium hooks that can be pushed back into the rubberwood pole when not in use.

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£ 179 .00

Top quality free-standing wooden clothes rail.

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£ 120 .00

The wall mounted cactus-shaped coat stand is one of a kind. It can be a decorative item in your kid's room as well as being fully functional as a coat stand.

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£ 69 .00

This coat rack from Leitmotiv takes you back to nature, made entirely of bamboo it has six hooks for coats as well as shelves for keys, bags and accessories.

More about this range

Coat Stands are a key piece of furniture for a hallway. You, your family and your guests all have to put your coats somewhere – and since most homes don’t have room for a cloakroom, and you don’t want them all piled on the post at the end of the bannisters, then a coat stand is this answer.

It holds them vertically, so it doesn’t take up much room. Plus, many options also include storage room for umbrellas and walking/ hiking sticks too – see the Umbrella Stands section below.

At A Place For Everything we have a great collection of freestanding Coat Stands, Racks and Rails, plus wall-mounted Coat Pegs and Hooks. Usually made from wood or metal, they come in all shapes and sizes from the conventional to the contemporary, the fun to the funky.