Really Useful Boxes

Sturdy clear plastic storage boxes with blue clip close handles. Available in a variety of sizes, you can rest assured that the contents will be kept secure and dust-free thanks to our Really Useful Boxes.

Plastic containers for every room

Plastic storage boxes, plastic containers or as we call them Really Useful Boxes. Why? Because we all need storage solutions – places to put all our stuff, so that we can clear the clutter, have room to ‘breathe’ in our own homes and relax. So tidying things away is good for our wellbeing: it lets us relax and keeps us calm.

Our Really Useful plastic boxes come in every shape and size for every room. They can come with multiple compartments… 6, 7, 12, 15, 16 of them so you can pop everything into a neat and tidy place. Many are storage boxes with lids to keep everything dust free. Plus, as each box is see-through, it’s easy to spot what you want straight away.

Superb quality

These plastic boxes are strong and durable: frost and heat-resistant with reinforced bases. Many of them have secure click-lock-lids and almost all of them are stackable on top of each other.

Size matters

We have plastic boxes for every item, from 0.3-litres right up to a whopping 22 litre box. We also have a space-saving Storage Tower with 60 litres, split into five 12-litre boxes to make the most of your vertical space.

16 plastic stacking boxes in 1 unit

We really like this item. It’s a neat organising solution that can be freestanding or wall mounted: each box is 0.3 litres: so they’re perfect for make-up, craft and art items, sweets, biscuits, cooking and baking ingredients. 

With so many options, just think what you could tidy away around your home…

Really Useful Boxes for your bedroom

They’re perfect for clothes storage, plus for jewellery, beauty and haircare items… make-up and make-up remover, cotton buds and cotton wool pads; plus larger boxes for brushes, hairspray. We have also special Men’s Shoe Storage. See our Shoe Storage for even more ideas.

Really Useful Boxes for your bathroom: Now with our clear boxes, you can clear up all your conditioners and sort out all your soaps and shampoos, razors and, shaving gel, mouthwash and moisturisers and tidy up all your toothbrushes, toothpaste and toilet rolls. And don’t forget all your bubble bath and bath bombs.  

Really Useful Boxes for your living room

Now you can clear any clutter and give yourself more room to live and spread out. So we’ve large plastic boxes for newspapers, magazines, books, box games, plus special storage for CDs and DVDs too. See our Living Room Storage for more ideas.  

Really Useful Boxes for your Kitchen and Utility Room

We all cram a lot into our kitchens and utility rooms, so our plastic boxes help you organise it better for fruit and vegetables, jars, packets, bottles, kitchen gadgets, laundry and cleaning products, soap powders, etc. See our Kitchen Storage and our Laundry and Utility Room Storage for our full range of solutions.

Really Useful Boxes for your Office

There are so many bits and pieces that we all need in our study or home office… paperclips, staples, memory sticks, drawing pins, rubbers, sticky notes, coloured tabs, pen ink cartridges, batteries.

So our Really Useful Boxes that have dividers could be the perfect answer: they’ll keep everything sorted into sections so they’re easy to see. We also have storage boxes for files and folders, plus special A4 storage boxes and waterproof VIP Document Storage for wills, certificates, passports and other important items. See more solutions in our Home Office section.

Really Useful Boxes for your Arts and crafts

Our compartmentalised storage boxes are the perfect solution if like us you love Crafting, Sewing, Painting, Drawing, Creating. So now nothing goes ‘missing’ at the bottom of a box or drawer. So it’s all easy to see and goes back in the same place every time so it’s easy to find. So our 16 Compartment Craft Storage Tray and our Hobby Storage 4Ltr with 2 removable tray dividers and 30 separate compartments are ideal for craft items.

You can now keep all your glue and glitter, string and spray, card and crayons, charms and cotton reels, tape and paper, stencils and sewing needles in one place. Plus, our Knitting Needle and great for knitting patterns and yarn, buttons and beads, needles and thread, pins and trims, threads and thimbles. mosaic tiles and much more.

Our Paint Brush Storage is perfect for your round and your riggers, your fan and flat brushes – plus all your paints, pens, pencils, putty rubbers, sponges and masking fluid. Our Greeting Card and Envelope Storer and Scrap Book Storage are also really handy if you love to create and capture beauty.  

Really Useful Boxes for your presents and Christmas decorations

If you love to dress up your home, then our storage boxes with dividers are perfect. You can store all your baubles, and other decorations for Christmas, plus for Easter, Halloween and more. Plus, our Wrapping Storage Box can hold everything you need for wrapping presents: paper, ribbons, bows, scissors, string, sticky tape, tags, so you’re all set for Christmas, plus any birthday, anniversary, or special celebration.

Really Useful Boxes for your Garage, Workshop, Shed and Garden

Many of our Really Useful Boxes come with compartments. Which are perfect for all those fiddly bits and bobs: screws and nails, nuts and bolts, washers and wooden dowels – plus rawl plugs, drill bits, cable ties and more. We’ve also handy boxes that are weatherproof boxes for outdoor cables, hand forks and mini trowels, plastic pots, plant sprays and insecticides, plus, small bags of fertiliser.