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Cupboard Door Carrier Bag Recycling Bin - White and Red

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£ 14 .00

Our cupboard-mount carrier bag recycling bin makes for a great instant alternative to the classic kitchen recycling bin and helps save a bit of precious floor space at the same time.

Simply hang over your kitchen or utility room cupboard doors and add a carrier bag or two for an instant bin that's close to hand when chopping veg.

The grooves along the top allow you to hang either one or two carrier bags which can then be used for everyday rubbish or to be able to separate your plastic from your paper.

When not in use this neat little recycling centre tidily folds up flush against your cabinet door (with or without carrier bags in place) or can be removed and stashed in a kitchen drawer etc.

Available in a classic white finish the recycle bin is available with a choice of a rubberised black or red detail as shown above. Another great idea from our friends at Yamazaki in Japan.

Dimensions: 23.5cm high x 21cm wide x 20cm deep When folded: 23.5cm high x 21cm wide x 4cm deep Fits onto doors up to 2.5cm thick.

(Requires simple self assembly)

Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are external. Widths provided are measured at the widest point.

Height 23.5 cm
Width 21 cm
Depth 20 cm


Bringing inspired ideas to common household items for over 100 years, Yamazaki has a key focus on organisation, storage and space-saving design. Born over a century ago as a small family run ironing board manufacturer they apply the same sense of purpose and commitment to quality across hundreds of products. Already a household name across Japan, Yamazaki is expanding again designing to make life at home simpler, tidier and better across the world.

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Independent Feedback based on 8 verified reviews.
Excellent little gadget! It fits very well over my standard kitchen unit cupboard door: I plan to use it when I am preparing meals to keep kitchen counter and chopping boards clear of vegetable peelings etc. Meanwhile, however, I have just replaced my undersink bin bag with a new one, and the old, nearly full, bag is hanging from the cupboard door hanger: a temporary resting place, which is proving to be very useful as I deposit last minute bits and pieces in to it before I finally disposes of the bag! I suspect it will be useful to attach to other cupboard doors to collect rubbish during a general tidy-up! A very useful bit of kit!
Item is perfect for our needs.
Actually better quality (sturdy) than I imagined. Love it, thanks
MRS Strudwick
We fitted this bin onto our sink cupboard door, but found that the metal caught on our sink, therefore, we have to make sure that the bin is partially open when we close the cupboard door. We have found that we cannot completely close the door afterwards, although, saying this, it is a darn sight better than the system that we had before with our old kitchen, when we had a tall silver bin in the corner which was quite awkward to empty when it was full, as it tended to create a vacuum when we tried to pull it out.
This item is very sturdy and useful, fits on the door of my sink unit and now I have space where the old bin used to sit.
When the thing is closed, it is impossible to close the cupboard, because the metal bar is in the way. But open it works fine.
Useful product
Same response as for pan lid organiser, it didn't fit my kitchen door well as cupboards old - but looks very sturdy.
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