Wicker & Seagrass Storage Baskets

Wicker and seagrass storage boxes are a great choice for use in any room of the house. They offer the perfect solution to storing your clutter whilst looking elegant. Our range includes open wicker pantry baskets, seagrass boxes, wicker chests, water hyacinth baskets and more.

We have a range of storage in wicker baskets, seagrass baskets… rattan, willow and water hyacinth baskets.

Woven baskets and boxes are less formal and more flexible. Items have room to ‘breathe’ and dry out as it has an open structure and large surface area. Often the baskets are lined, for a more finished look – plus it prevents smaller items from getting stuck or lost in the cracks.

For bathrooms they’re great for towels and toiletries. For bedrooms, we have woven Underbed Storage Baskets for clothes, shoes and toys etc. For kitchens, pantries and larders we have Fruit and Vegetable Baskets. For utility rooms they’re useful as Washing Baskets or Laundry Baskets. For the lounge we have Newspaper and Magazine Baskets Waste Paper Bins and Log Baskets. Plus, even in a hallway, we have Woven Umbrella Stands.

They have so many uses for craft and sewing items to make-up and beauty, pens and stationery, sticky take and staples. Plus all those bits and bobs that we all need, but that don’t seem to have a natural home.

Sustainably sourced

15% of global seagrass resource is facing extinction due to sedimentation from deforestation alongside agricultural and sewage run-off. We've searched long and hard to source all our seagrass baskets and storage boxes responsibly and from sustainable resources.