Surf Hanging Shower Caddy - XL - Transparent

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Surf Hanging Shower Caddy - XL

Inspired by ocean waves, our new extra large Surf bathroom caddy is designed to be used in the shower to hold your sponge and shampoos etc.

Hook this nifty shower caddy over a shower head, door handle or the shower rail and (as shown) create an expandable storage solution for all the families lotions and potions by hooking two or three below each other.

Our extra large caddy can be interlocked with our regular surf caddy which can be found on the links below.

Surf hanging shower caddy

Dimensions: 31cm high x 27cm wide x 8cm deep

Extra large surf caddy is shown at the bottom of the upper image


Since 1927 Koziol has been exclusively producing in Odenwald, Germany doing everything from design, development and shipping all under one roof. Sustainability is key for Koziol as a company and a natural part of their strategy. From 2013 they have been exclusively producing with green electricity, saving around 1276 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Plastic is the material of modern age, making our lives easier, more democratic and more hygienic. Koziol relies exclusively on thermoplastic that are 100% recyclable, being the most environmentally friendly materials on the market.

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