Utility Room Tidy - Dorset Blue

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£ 16 .00

This neat little enamelled-look metal bucket is designed to pop in your utility room or kitchen cupboard to store your washing tablets, soaps, pegs etc.

It's sub-divided into three sections internally and is available in a choice of Dorset blue (above) or chalk (below image) and offers a neat solution to clear kitchen clutter.

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 27cm wide x 14cm deep

Garden Trading

In 1994, Jon Holloway launched Garden Trading as a garden-focused business. Establishing a career in the development of products for dome of the world’s retailers, Jon wanted Garden Trading to focus on combing simple and stunning design with high quality outdoor products that would stand the test of time.

Taking further inspiration from both the British countryside and the city lifestyle trends, their collections are designed and developed in their Oxfordshire home. Alongside the product team, Jon then travels around the world to find innovative materials and highly-skilled artisans to bring their ideas to life, striving to produce them using natural, unique and raw materials where possible.

Whilst we primarily focus on storage here at Store we can’t help but showcase some of the Garden Trading outdoor range as they have a special place in our heart and possibly our gardens.

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