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Updated: 01/04/2020

Garden Trading

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£ 85 .00

Traditional ceiling clothes dryer in beech wood with a rope and pulley. A timeless storage solution that will also save a bit of precious floor space.

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£ 424 .00

Spruce wood and zinc garden storage box. Great for wellies and shoe storage, gardening tools, logs outdoor games etc. Delivered fully assembled.

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£ 199 .00

Responsibly sourced oak butlers tray which doubles up as a stylish sideboard / console table. The tray is fully detachable from the legs so can be used for all kinds of serving.

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£ 225 .00

Top quality large classic wrought-iron fire guard.

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£ 12 .00

Galvanised coal skuttle to sit stylishly by the fireplace. Ideal for carrying coal in from the coal shed.

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£ 89 .00

Contemporary take on the classic fireplace screen in a lovely pewter finish.

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£ 65 .00

Apple crate style four compartment storage unit ideal for using in the potting shed or garage.

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£ 169 .00

Top quality wrought iron curved frame fireguard.

£ 180 .00

Spruce wood shelter to store your wellies and walking boots by the back door or next to the garden shed.

£ 44 .00

Fold-away sturdy wooden hotel-style luggage rack, ideal for suitcases when company calls and an extra surface is needed.

£ 84 .00

Black steel and Beech fireside companion set. A traditional item with a contemporary Scandi feel

£ 24 .00

Ash, Kindling or Charcoal - Keep fire supplies hidden away thanks to this fireside bucket with lid and handle. Easy to re-stock and even easier to carry.

Available in a Black & Silver Finish
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£ 50 .00

Curved frame fire screen to keep ash and flying sparks where they belong.

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£ 160 .00

This fab log storage table crafted from a mix of rustic oak and charcoal coloured painted wood. Great for using next to the fire, in an alcove or as a side table.

£ 18 .00

Lidded storage box to stop the oily smell of wood burner firelighters pervading your home. Also great to stop BBQ firelighters getting damp in the garage.

Available in a Black & Silver Finish
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£ 60 .00

Curved frame fire screen to keep ash and flying sparks where they belong.

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£ 68 .00

Mid-priced matte black Steel firescreen inspired by those found in Scandinavia

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£ 109 .00

Top quality wrought iron 4-piece companion set . Set includes a poker, log grabber, ash shovel and brush.

£ 99 .00

Rustic storage crate on castors with room to store up to 3 pairs of wellies and 6 pairs of shoes, walking-boots, trainers etc. Delivered fully assembled.

£ 59 .00

Stylish quality wrought iron log holder to pop by the side of the fire. Ideal for putting a stop to unwelcome trips out in the cold.

£ 39 .00

Generously sized traditional wooden clothes dryer Folds flat for easy compact storage when not in use.

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£ 30 .00

Rattan storage basket with rope handle. Great for storing kindling wood by the fire, toys in the living room or for collecting home grown fruit in.

£ 350 .00

Fir wood table with six removable wood storage boxes. Ideal for a hallway, breakfast room or kitchen.

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£ 84 .00

Sleek antique pewter four tool companion set.

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£ 2200 .00

This All-Weather Rattan sofa set is perfect for relaxing in the garden. Arrives fully assembled with matching ottoman.

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£ 344 .00

Spruce wood and zinc shoe / boot storage unit with 2 slatted shelves and 2 drawers. Ideal for use in the porch, hallway, bootroom etc.

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£ 114 .00

Stylish quality large wrought iron log holder to pop by the side of the fire.

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£ 1300 .00

Stunning West Strand Set, complete with a corner sofa, arm chair and a glass-topped table. Perfect for summer evenings in the garden!

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£ 10 .00

Powder-coated steel storage caddy with bamboo handle. Pop by the sink side for cloths, scourers, washing up liquid etc.

In 1994, Jon Holloway launched Garden Trading as a garden-focused business. Establishing a career in the development of products for dome of the world’s retailers, Jon wanted Garden Trading to focus on combing simple and stunning design with high quality outdoor products that would stand the test of time. Taking further inspiration from both the British countryside and the city lifestyle trends, their collections are designed and developed in their Oxfordshire home. Alongside the product team, Jon then travels around the world to find innovative materials and highly-skilled artisans to bring their ideas to life, striving to produce them using natural, unique and raw materials where possible. Whilst we primarily focus on storage here at Store we can’t help but showcase some of the Garden Trading outdoor range as they have a special place in our heart and possibly our gardens.

Garden Trading