£ 25 .00

Remote control and tablet stand in stylish dark wood. Top quality product at a great price

Available in White & Brown

£ 56 .00

Another favourite from our designer friends in Japan, our new tree coat stand has 4 independent rotating branches, providing plenty of storage space for all of the families coats and hats.

£ 29 .00

White and light wood Scandi-style large kitchen storage basket with handle. Great for organising the inside of a kitchen cupboard or how about on the counter top to help clear the clutter.

£ 65 .00

4-tier powder coated shoe rack in white or black with storage space for up to 12 pairs of shoes. Ideal for use in narrow or restricted spaces at only 17.5cm deep.


£ 26 .00

Stack your plates vertically with our top quality innovative triple vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard / worktop space and easy access. Finished in white and birch wood.

£ 69 .00

Useful side table that can also be slotted over the sofa for a comfy afternoon cake and coffee. Available in light wood with a white frame or dark wood with a black frame.

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£ 99 .00

Top quality three-tier slimline kitchen storage trolley with wooden top and castors. At only 13cm wide but with plenty of shelf-space it's ideal for those unused nooks and awkward spaces in the kitchen

£ 7 .00

Glossy white toothbrush and toothpaste holder. A neat contemporary item for your sink side

£ 14 .00

Stylish wooden tablet stand. Great for storing your tablet on when using your favourite App or how about as a stylish digital cookbook stand.

£ 15 .00

Store your straighteners and hair dryer safely after use with our handy holder. Avoids burning the carpet and keeps inquisitive little fingers safe.

£ 75 .00

White metal and natural wood clothes rail / coat stand offering a full length hanging rail and shelf. Great for a hallway or additional storage when wardrobes are bulging, or perhaps for use in the spare room when company calls.

£ 43 .00

Neat slimline loo roll store with storage space atop to pop next to your loo. Discreetly stores and dispenses up to 12 toilet rolls

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£ 20 .00

3-tier Scandinavian inspired dessert stand crafted from white powder coated steel and light wood.


£ 12 .00

Simple yet stylish headphone stand from our designer friends in Japan. Great for sitting on a desk or by your bedside for your precious Beats by Dre Neat idea to prevent headphones becoming damaged or tangled.

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£ 39 .00

Quality stylish monitor stand with inbuilt storage space from our designer friends in Japan

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£ 10 .00

Contemporary metal fruit bowl from our designer friends in Japan. Available in black and white.

£ 75 .00

At last, a clothes horse for the design-conscious household. Comes with solid wood detailing and folds flat when not in use.

£10 OFF!!

£ 50 .00

Useful and stylish side table with integrated magazine / newspaper storage rack.

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£ 40 .00

Three tier slim-line bathroom storage unit. Great for use in tight spaces thanks to its tiny footprint.

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£ 15 .00

2-tier accessory storage tray crafted from white powder coated steel and light wood.

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£ 20 .00

Sturdy rack to store hats and caps. Can be used over-door or on a wardrobe hanging rail.


£ 16 .00

Slimline contemporary umbrella stand in glossy white or black. Great to store both golfing umbrellas and smaller ladies umbrellas

£ 65 .00

White metal and natural wood clothes storage rack offering both full length and double half height hanging. Great for additional storage when wardrobes are bulging or for using in the spare room when company calls.

£ 25 .00

Stylish accessory storage tray from our designer friends in Japan. Great for use on a bedside cabinet or desktop.

£ 15 .00

Glossy white cotton bud and pad lidded storage box. A stylish item to have on a dressing table for those who like to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

What a GREAT idea!

£ 12 .00

Acrylic shower caddy tray to add additional storage to your shower for shampoo, conditioner etc.

£ 10 .00

Genius idea to attach to tiles or glass in a shower cubical or bathroom for a near instant towel rail.

£ 49 .00

Quality dark wood umbrella stand that can hold 9 long/golfing umbrellas.

£ 45 .00

Our Japanese designed leaning ladder towel rail comes in a choice of black or white and is finished with neat wooden detailing on the top rung.

£ 32 .00

Sturdy metal rack to store your handbags. Can be configured for use inside a wardrobe (as shown) or hanging on the back of a door.