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Updated: 07/08/2020

Full Range

Available in White & Brown

£ 84 .00

Another favourite from our designer friends in Japan, our new tree coat stand has 4 rotating branches to provide plenty of storage space for all of the family

Available in Black & White

£ 81 .00

4-tier powder-coated shoe rack with storage space for up to 12 pairs of shoes. Ideal for use in narrow or restricted spaces at only 17.5cm deep.

£ 99 .00

Useful side table that can also be slotted over the sofa for a comfy afternoon cake and coffee. Available in light wood and white or dark wood and black.

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£ 42 .00

Organise your frying pans, pans and lids with this great adjustable cupboard divider from our friends at Yamazaki. From a tidy kitchen comes a tidy mind!

£ 16 .00

Stack your plates vertically with our innovative vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard space and easy access

£ 35 .00

Stack your plates vertically with our innovative triple vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard/worktop space and easy access.

£ 34 .00

White and light wood Scandi-style large kitchen storage basket with built in handles. Great for organising the inside of a kitchen cupboard or counter.

£ 110 .00

Top-quality three-tier slimline kitchen storage trolley with wooden top and castors. 13cm wide with plenty of shelf space, it's ideal for awkward spaces.

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£ 24 .00

3-tier Scandinavian inspired dessert stand crafted from white powder coated steel and light wood.

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£ 29 .50

Help create your own stylish afternoon tea from the comfort of your home with this three tier serving stand. Great for teatime treats!

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£ 14 .00

Contemporary metal fruit bowl from our designer friends in Japan. Available in black and white.

£ 19 .00

Stylish wooden tablet stand. Great for storing your tablet on when using your favourite App or how about as a stylish digital cookbook stand.

£ 29 .00

Remote control and tablet stand in stylish dark wood. Top quality product at a great price

£ 98 .00

White metal and natural wood clothes rail/coat stand offering a full length hanging rail and shelf. Great for a hallway or additional wardrobe storage.

£ 54 .00

Neat slimline loo roll store with storage space atop to pop next to your loo. Discreetly stores and dispenses up to 12 toilet rolls

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£ 25 .00

Keep your home neatly organised with this great multi-purpose storage caddy, ideal for storing household cleaning products and transporting when needed.

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£ 44 .00

Three tier slim-line bathroom storage unit. Great for use in tight spaces thanks to its tiny footprint.

£ 68 .00

Three tier slim-line kitchen storage trolley on castors. 12cm wide but with plenty of shelf-space ideal for those unused nooks and awkward spaces.

£ 7 .00

Glossy white toothbrush and toothpaste holder. A neat contemporary item for your sink side

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£ 20 .00

This corner suction shower caddy from Yamazaki is great for the bathroom storing your lotions and potions. With drainage holes and adjustable suction pads.

£ 17 .00

Simple yet stylish headphone stand from our designer friends in Japan. Neat idea to prevent headphones from becoming damaged or tangled.

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£ 47 .00

Quality stylish monitor stand with inbuilt storage space from our designer friends in Japan

£ 99 .00

At last, a clothes horse for the design-conscious household. Comes with solid wood detailing and folds flat when not in use.

Choose from Black & Darkwood or White and Lightwood

£ 70 .00

Useful and stylish side table with integrated magazine / newspaper storage rack.

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£ 18 .00

2-tier accessory storage tray crafted from white powder coated steel and light wood.

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£ 20 .00

Sturdy rack to store hats and caps. Can be used over-door or on a wardrobe hanging rail.

£ 23 .00

Slimline contemporary umbrella stand in glossy white or black. Great to store both golfing umbrellas and smaller ladies umbrellas

£ 91 .00

White metal and natural wood clothes storage rack offering both full length and double half height hanging.

£ 30 .00

Stylish accessory storage tray from our designer friends in Japan. Great for use on a bedside cabinet or desktop.

£ 17 .00

Glossy white cotton bud and pad lidded storage box. A stylish item to have on a dressing table for those who like to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

More about this range

Effortlessly cool designer storage

This is Yamazaki: No, not Yamazaki the award-winning Japanese whisky, but sleek chic either created by our designer friends in the far east. Yamazaki is a family business that's been in Japan over 100 years.

Each piece of Yamazaki Storage has been carefully considered, every aspect looked at so that it is pared down to its absolute essence of function and form. The result is unflappably stylish, streamlined design.

Many pieces are slimline: where the challenge is to create practical pieces that reinvent the space they use with minimalist design. Convention is challenged. Often where metal or plastic is typically used, it’s been sculpted from wood. So it connects with us on a new level. Everyday items now have a new perspective.

Take a look at the purity of this uber-stylish design collection…

From a sculpted wooden tablet and remote control stand to a coat stand that looks like a tree; from a storage basket to a pan organiser. There are designer racks with smoother rounded edges and distinctive touches for shoes and spices, pans and plates, clothes and coats, books and boots, plus toothbrushes and toiletries. There are more stylish ways to store your technology too.. mobiles and tablets, iPads and headphones.

The bathroom is a big area for Yamazaki.

There are space-saving slimline units for shampoos and soaps, toilet roll holders that discretely store 12 rolls; plus cotton buds and cotton wool pads; and corner bath and shower caddies (complete with drainage holes of course) that use suction pads: no tiles to have to drill through. There are suction towel rails too, plus a towel ladder – perfect for holding and drying all the towels for the family.

Kitchens are now cool not kitch.

Cake stands and fruit bowls have been reinvented – and kitchen trolleys are ultra-slim to slots into a kitchen nook or slide discretely onto the end of your existing units.

Enjoy a new dimension to living. Your lounge can now have C-shaped Tables that slot under sofas or armchairs: innovative thinking and clever design that creates new ways for you to maximise and enjoy your space.

Hallways can now make a grand entrance.

Sometimes it’s a single piece that transforms the look and the feel of a room. Our designer wooden umbrella stand with curved edges that beautifully holds 9 long / golf umbrellas,

Over the door is also a smart space saver that maximise your vertical space so you have more horizontal space to move around in. Our Hat and Cap Rack, plus our Handbag Rack cleverly hold them vertically: the racks are off-the-floor storage and can hang down from the back of a door, or discretely inside a wardrobe.

Finally in your study or home, office, we must tell you about this criss-cross cable holder. We love it. It’s shaped like noughts and crosses grid with slots on the ‘lines’ to organises all your USB and power cables under or on the side or back of your desk or along the skirting board to organise all the spaghetti mess of snaking, tangling wires.

So go on, take a look at how you can update you space with style with the Yamazaki storage collection.