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To help you with your new Elfa system we have put together a list of installation instructions for different kinds of drawer frames, shelves, top tracks and wall bars. For some of the more intricate designs, we have also selected some videos that will give you some clear guidance.

Installation Videos

Elfa Assembly instruction: Wire Shelf
Elfa Assembly instruction: Wire Shelf Basket
Elfa Assembly instruction: Gliding Drawer
Elfa Assembly instruction: Gliding Pant Rack

Installation PDFs

Installing the Top Track & Hang Standards
Installing a Wire Shelf & Bracket Cover
Installing Drawer Frames - Classic
Installing the Pant Rack - Classic
Installing Drawer Frames & Gliding Accessories - Décor
Installing Hanger Rods
Installing Melamine Shelving
Installing Standard Wallbands
Installing Freestanding Shelving
Installing Door Racks
Assembling a Drawer Tower Frame
Installing a Utility Track / Hook