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Spoon Rest Clip
Neat clip to store your stirring spoon and avoid mess on the worktops.

A simple idea but a great solution to an age-old problem!
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The Smart Bowl
Ingenious 3-piece food bowl. One handed eating for multitasking!

Once you've tried one, you'll never go back! Click to read more....
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Laptop Bag Lunchbox
Space-saving slimline lunchbox to slip into a briefcase or laptop bag without leaving a bulge!

It is only 3.5cm wide but can accommodate two chunky sandwiches!
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A4 Recipe Storage File
Great idea based upon our original smaller recipe store.

Our new A4 sized file is ideal for storing all your recipe clippings from magazines.
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Bamboo Toasty Tongs
Retrieve toast, crumpets, teacakes and Welsh cakes from the toaster without burning your fingers using this handy bamboo toasty tongs.

Why did no-one think of this great idea before now!
Product temporarily out of Stock
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The Biscuit Bag
A mugs best friend!

A pair of handy little bag to pop your break-time biscuit into when feeling peckish.
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Star Wars Travel Mug
The official Star Wars lidded travel mug with a 475ml capacity.

Choose from Darth Vader, Yoda or Storm Trooper design. Great for a coffee on the move.
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4 x 'Veggie Saver' Storage Containers
Keep cut fruit and veg fresher for longer with our air-tight veg shaped set of food saver containers which also help to keep your fridge odour-free.
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Utensil Holder - Float
Wall or under-cabinet mounted kitchen utensil holder.

Flexible grippers inside allow most utensils to be quickly stored and easy to hand.
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Magnetic Cling-Film & Foil Holder
Magnetic holder to pop on the fridge door or any other magnetic surface to store foil, cling film and food bags etc.

Available in a choice of black and white.
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Animal Corkboard Fridge Magnet
Animal shaped magnetic cork-boards with 6 drawing pins. Ideal for notes and reminders on the fridge

Available in the shape of a giraffe and hedgehog.
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2 x Confetti Towel Clips
New Low Price
Set of 2 self-adhesive tea towel hooks available in a choice of colours to match your kitchen decor
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Guitar Shaped Wooden Spoons
Set of 2 Guitar shaped wooden spoons to add a splash of rock 'n' roll to your cooking.
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Bamboo Knife Block
Bamboo knife block designed to store and protect the sharpness of longer kitchen knives.
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Mixing Bowl with Built-In Graters
Just like those clever TV shopping channel products this neat kitchen gadget slices, dices, grates and grinds!

Better still it's made in The Netherlands and built to stand the test of time.

Available in red, white or lime green.
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Danish Egg Cup Set & Salt Cellar
Set of 4 silicone egg cups with handy salt shaker as stand to store them on.

Available in a range of six colours.
WAS £12.00
NOW £8.00
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Easy Cake Portioner
Cake slicer to give the perfect portion size every time.

Neatly divides a cake into 12 equal sized portions without arguments!
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Pan Lid Strainer
Never again will you be fishing pasta or peas out of the sink after using the saucepan lid to strain-off water with this easy to use and easy to store pan lid strainer.
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The Garlic Card ®
Choose from 6 bright colours
Forget fiddly garlic presses and graters, the ingenious Garlic Card cuts the fuss and the mess

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Orange Peeler
Oranges practically shed their own skin with this unique kitchen tool!
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Egg Slide
Innovative enamel egg store with helter-skelter to ensure your eggs are always used in date-order.
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Silicone Hot Pan and Plate Gripper
Silicone gripper to give a helping hand when handling hot plates, pan lids etc.

Choose from several bright colours
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Adjustable Jar Opener
Open jars with ease with our adjustable jar opener.

Available in 3 colours
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Collapsible Measuring Cups
Set of 4 collapsible silicone measuring cups.

A great space saver to pop into cluttered kitchen drawers
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Take-Away Menu Organiser
Where's the menu for the Chinese? It's in the take-away organiser of course!

What a neat idea to organise your Friday night's in.
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The Topcracker Nut Cracker/Wine Bottle Opener
Crack all sizes and shapes of nuts leaving the kernel intact with this innovative yet simple nut cracker.
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Babypod - 280ml
Freezer food pods for babies with big appetites.

Available in Orange. Green Now Sold Out!

BPA Free
WAS £18.95
NOW £11.37
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Elephant Cork Screw
Fun elephant shaped cork screw crafted from beechwood and stainless steel.
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