Gifts, Gadgets & Organisers

Here's the perfect place to browse if you're looking for some cool and quirky kitchen gadgets and organisers. You'll find reusable sandwich wraps, avocado keepers, egg slides, food bag clips, giant ice cube makers and more.

We love quirky ideas at The Store. We’ve everything from snail-shaped orange peelers to Lambretta Pizza Cutters, guitar-shaped wooden spoons to a Tomato sauce gun, fishbowl-inspired wall-mounted fruit bowl. Plus, we’ve even 6cm diameter ice-cube makers (perfect for summer) and you'll discover everything from giraffe and hedgehog cork board fridge magnets to tractor bottle openers.

Yep, you’ve got us: we know that a lot of these things aren’t storage, but we love them just the same and we think you will too.

Or add a beautiful touch to after dinner coffee for guests or a loved one with our Cappuccino Stencils Clicker: you can dust your favourite coffee with chocolate powder in the shape of a leaf, swirl, heart, face, star or snowflake

Some look fun but everything has a practical purpose, whether it’s our silicon hand grippers, so you can lift the lids on casseroles and saucepans without burning yourself.

We love the magnetic holder that sticks to your fridge or freezer and holds lightweight items like rolls of foil or cling film: how clever.

We love gadgets and gizmos, so look at this: No more squabbling, ‘share envy’ or declaring “You cut and I choose” when carving up cakes, tarts and puddings. Our Cake Portioner helps you neatly divide it up in up to 12 pieces, so everyone gets the same.