Slimline Loo Brush
Slim toilet brush available in black or white
You asked us for a discreet slimline toilet brush and it did take us a while to find but we got there in the end. This high-quality loo brush features a dual-bristle brush head with stiff outer bristles for nooks and crannies and dense centre bristles for regular cleaning.

The narrow space saving design makes it ideal if you're pushed for space and the opening makes for quick and easy access to the brush which is hidden away out of sight when not in use. There is also a removable plastic inner tray which makes for easy hygienic cleaning.
Slim toilet brush available in black or white
Dimensions: 44.6cm high x 8.6cm wide x 15.6cm deep (old style, top image)
47cm high x 9.5cm wide x 19cm deep (new style, bottom image)
Colour :
Price : £23.00
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