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Updated: 10/07/2020

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£ 20 .00

Stylish freestanding nickel loo roll holder with a weighted base.

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£ 30 .00

Set of two seagrass loo roll stores each with a detachable wooden handle to store and dispense toilet roll.

£ 21 .00

Free-standing chrome toilet roll holder and dispenser. Will not rust and suits all bathroom decor.

£ 43 .00

Neat slimline loo roll store with storage space atop to pop next to your loo. Discreetly stores and dispenses up to 12 toilet rolls

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£ 13 .00

Neat grey wicker lidded loo roll store to hide-away up to 4 loo rolls

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£ 15 .00

Suction mounted toilet brush and holder with rubberised bristles to prevent odour, bacteria and mould.

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£ 40 .00

Contemporary freestanding loo roll holder with a storage tray and magazine rack.

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£ 7 .50

Suction mounted toilet roll holder with integrated shelf.

£ 10 .00

Neat idea to store spare loo rolls Simply clips over the cistern for a near-instant storage solution

£ 26 .00

Discreet Shaker style white wood loo roll store and dispenser with space to tidy away 5 rolls

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£ 24 .00

Freestanding toilet roll holder and dispenser with integrated shelf.

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£ 17 .00

Freestanding toilet roll holder and dispenser with integrated shelf.

£ 15 .00

Freestanding toilet roll holder with space to store 2 spare loo roll. Great product at a great low STORE price.

New Low Price

£ 22 .00

Chrome-plate steel loo roll holder and dispenser with integrated magazine rack.

£ 119 .00

Stylish stainless steel, fantastic quality loo roll holder and toilet brush stand with granite resin base. Requires no drilling.

£ 34 .00

Porcelain loo brush with an easy grip soft touch coating from our designer friends in Denmark. Available in black, white and grey.

New Low Price!

£ 19 .00

Lidded unit for discreet storage of loo cleaners, air-fresheners, cleaning cloths etc.

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£ 25 .00

Keep your home neatly organised with this great multi-purpose storage caddy, ideal for storing household cleaning products and transporting when needed.

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£ 5 .00

This versatile waste paper bin is suitable for any room - whether in the office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Ideal for managing waste!

£ 20 .00

Made from natural treated bent wood with a stained exterior finish, this wooden rubbish bin offers a modern and beautiful take on a household classic.

£ 50 .00

Top quality 5-litre soft touch pedal bin to match our designer Nova range from Denmark. Features a soft motion lid closure.

Recycled Plastic & Biodegradable!

£ 8 .00

Karim Rashid's iconic bin is available in 7 colours and the good news is it's now made from recycled plastic which is also biodegradable.

£ 10 .00

Well made bin at a great price that's got a useful application for any room in the house.

More about this range

Do you call it a Toilet Roll Holder or a Loo Roll Holder: either way we know what you mean. From chrome stands to woven seagrass baskets, we’ve great ways to keep all your spares so you’re never caught short. Some have them on show: others are discretely hidden and dispense them one at a time.

Freestanding, or York Loo Roll Holder clips over the side of the cistern: a very clever use of space, we like that .

Plus, we’ve Bathroom Bins with open tops, closed pedal lids, designer bins, woven bins.