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Busy B.


Busy B hosts a collection of problem-solving organisers and diaries with a clever design to help tame the mayhem of busy family life

Birthday & Address Book
Budget Book
Receipt Storage Book
Undated Planner
Wedding Organiser
Holiday Keepsake File
Travel Wallet
Recipe Storage Folder
Kitchen Labels

About Busy B

Starting back in 1997, a lightbulb moment started off the first ever Christmas Card Holder for the then-named "K Two" which was prototyped using some cereal packets and a pair of nail scissors. The following year saw an order for 10,000 of them from the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Winning gift industry awards for their clever, useful designs, new products often emerged as a result of a problem that someone mentioned. A school friend had once mentioned they needed a calendar where they could put all the bits of paper they needed to remember about. The problem was solved with the creation of the family calendar.

Every product begins with a desire to make family life simpler, better organised and of course more beautiful.

In early 2014 K Two was transformed into the new brand we see today, Busy B, redesigning some of the original favourites as well as adding great new products to the collection. Branching out to the Baby B and Bride-to-B collections for all markets.

Busy B