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Joseph Joseph.


4 Piece Chopping Board Set
Adjustable Sink Saver Mat
FridgeStore Shelf Divider
Pocket Folding Ironing Board
Capsule 4 Tier Shower Shelf

About Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph begin with twin brothers (Antony and Richard) aiming to revolusionise tasks in the home making everyday more efficient. They designed their first product together in 2003 and knew they were at the start of an exciting journey.

Their products are created as a solution to everyday problems: preparing a meal, organising a kitchen, dealing with waste, doing the laundry etc.

They understand that creating products has an environmental impact which is why each product is made to the highest quality using the best materials to ensure a long and useful life. They aim to reduce waste and pollution using recyclable materials where they can.

The exceptional team at Joseph Joseph invent, research, prototype and test every product rigorously to ensure performance. Pushing for perfection is a must.

They're a proud member of Sedex: a world-leading ethical trade organisation that aims to improve working conditions in the global supply chains and they're also working hard to remove plastic from their packaging.

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