£ 29 .50

5 x Crystal clear stackable shoe storage drawers. The removable drawers are ventilated and offer instant access to shoes without any fuss.

£ 16 .00

Set of 2 crystal clear stackable shoe storage drawers. The perfect size for men's shoes.

£ 24 .00

Set of two crystal clear stackable LONG boot boxes. Great for knee-highs. Don't waste time with those fiddly shoe storage containers.

£ 17 .00

Set of two crystal clear stackable short boot boxes. Great for calf and ankle-length boots.

£ 25 .00

Set of three transparent stackable shoe storage drawers designed for high stilettos that won't fit into normal shoe boxes.

Patented in the US, Shoebby answered the age-old question of Why don’t shoes come in clear boxes? The high-quality space saving box design of the Shoebby means that flat packed they can be shipped around the world easily and shoe organisation can be an easy as 1…2…3. They may arrive flat packed but don’t be fooled into thinking they aren’t strong – each box is strong enough to support a 40lb cement block (for testing purposes only of course!). Each box comes with an individual pull out drawer and the boxes interlock for stacking – vertical shoe storage at its best!