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Updated: 28/03/2020


£ 11 .00

Give your potatoes and onions a longer life by safely storing in the dark in this well-ventilated potato keeper

£ 5 .50

Chocolate storage box with whimsical lid. Conserves the freshness of pieces of chocolate, pralines etc.

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£ 6 .00

Handy lidded container to store and transport kiwis. Great for work, the school lunchbox etc. Includes a spoon and knife in the back of the lid.

£ 10 .00

High-quality fun cheese storage box with a removable perforated internal tray designed to stop your cheeses sweating.

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£ 9 .00

Biscuit storage container with a whimsical swirled cookie shaped airtight lid. Also ideal for filling with sweets.

£ 8 .00

Robust Parmesan cheese storage box in a comical Parmesan wedge shape.

£ 9 .50

Biscuit storage container with a whimsical biscuit shaped airtight lid.

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£ 9 .00

Cupcake holder / carrier to safely store and transport up to 14 cupcakes.

£ 7 .50

Lidded container for storing halved or chopped watermelon fresh and ready to eat.

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£ 9 .00

Drinking bottle with integrated snack cup in the base. Ideal for using at school, work, the gym etc.

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£ 10 .00

Crystal-clear container to safely store, transport and serve any kind of cake, gateaux, cheesecake, flans etc

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£ 4 .50

Sink side organiser with soap dispenser, space to store scourers, rubber gloves etc and a handy ring holder.

Small ideas with great successes, Snips is convinced that making a small improvement in a daily event becomes an advantage that multiples over time to improve people’s lives. The small ideas that Snips created soon became successful products, from 1973 they attracted the attention of the market with their now legendary Snips scissors – the ones that cut through everything apart from your fingers!! From that day and through their Italian idea the range of Snips products have frown together with the company expressing its philosophy through every product to offer consumers a great idea, together with a top product. They offer a problem-solving range of products with a touch or irony, freshness and originality in the design.