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STORE Basketware.


Our STORE basketware includes its core range of seagrass, wicker and rattan storage baskets and is sourced sustainably for its quality and longevity.

Set of 3 Water Hyacinth Baskets
Fisherman's Willow Baskets - Set of 2
Wastepaper Bin - Seagrass
Seagrass Basket - Medium
Seagrass Basket - Small
Loo Roll Store - Wicker
Bottle Carrier
Seagrass Storage Baskets - Set of 3
Lidded Seagrass Hamper - Set of 4
Hallway Storage Bench - 2 Seat
Back SoonSmall Rattan Storage Basket
£12.00    £10.00
Large Rattan Storage Basket
£29.00    £25.00
Kindling Basket - Lined

About STORE Basketware

First developed in 2007, the STORE basketware range took a while to source - quality, longevity and responsibility in sourcing sustainable products have always been key to the range. Initially the brand was based only around the Pandan and weave products such as side tables with storage, magazine racks and umbrella stands.  Over time the range has expanded into a selection of quality seagrass, wicker, willow, rattan and hyacinth woven products with uses as varied as willow underbed storage to our seagrass loo roll stores in both small and large. Today the STORE basketware range has over 100 products in the collection but the focus has not changed. Niche basket makers are engaged to supply quality and sustainably sourced products.