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STORE Furniture.


NewEst Shoe Storage Cabinet
Oak Console Desk
£280.00    £199.00
Folding Wooden Step-Stool
Kitchen Trolley - Prepare
Nostra Shelf Trolley
Teepee Wall Shelf
Animal Chair
Low Sideboard - Marwar
Sling Bookcase - Stars
£54.00    £49.00
Shoe Cabinet - Linwood
2 x Rattan Shelves
Two Drawer Console Table
Toy Chest - Mermaid

About STORE Furniture

Since the company was founded in 2003 there have always been small gaps in the range of storage-related furniture that APfE have not been able to source from other makers.

This small niche range of high-quality space-saving furniture that fills that gap with style, colour and finish was found in the EU.

The products are FSC certified and you can be assured that they are well-sourced from responsibly managed forests.