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About Tupperware

Back in 1946, shortly after the great depression, a chemist named Earl Tupper created a lightweight, non-breakable plastic container that was inspired by the seal-tight design of a can of paint. With this, he could help war-weary families save money on costly food waste. This initial container helped to pave the way for the Tupperware food storage containers that we know and love today, revolutionising the way that we prepare, store and serve food.

For over 75 years, Tupperware has been designing cutting-edge home and kitchen storage solutions to help save money, food, energy, space and time that are both environmentally responsible and functional. Their products are trusted companions in the kitchens and homes of millions around the world.

Today, they continue to strive for excellence for the benefit of our planet. Knowing that they can make a positive impact on individuals, their communities and our planet motivates them to continue creating eco-friendly solutions to make food last longer and make transporting food on the go easier and less wasteful.

They have more than 8,500 function design and utility patents for their solution-oriented kitchen and home products. Their extensive range includes food storage containers, fridge storage containers, items for pantry storage, countertop storage and so much more.