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Up! Warsaw.


Up! Warsaw is a small, family-run design studio and workshop creating handmade, ecological furniture for children's rooms. All materials are child friendly!

Teevee TV Shelf
Insta Piggy Bank
£75.00    £69.00
Biplane Shelf
£225.00    £195.00

About Up! Warsaw

Up! Warsaw is a small, family run design studio and workshop which creates handmade, ecological furniture for children's rooms. Taking the magical world of their own childhood and putting it into the rooms of today's children. Truly bringing walls to life with their shelves - circus shelves, plane shelves, television shelves and more. All the materials used are child-friendly. Wood is their mainstay. All of their kits are crafted by hand, made of birch plywood and painted with ecological, water-based paints. Although it is waterbased, the colour will not fade or rub off when cleaned normally... The Up! Warsaw team works with absolute commitment and care, putting their hearts and passion into every single product. They are a genuine family business brimming with love for children and their rooms.