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WOOOD is a trademark of De Eekhoorn, creating sturdy, contemporary and attractive furniture, mastering the art of the Scandi trend.

4 x Studio Display Shelves - Black
Tipi Bookcase
£249.00    £199.00
3 x Studio Display Shelves - White
6 Hook Coat Rack - Meert
10 Hook Coat Rack - Meert
Studio Coat Stand
£45.00    £33.00
Wine Cabinet - Vadim
Toy Storage Chest in Grey - Keet
Wooden Storage Cabinet - Eva
£349.00    £299.00
Dian Desk
Round Side Table - Zilver
£56.00    £46.00
Vertical Coat Hook - Marrit
Oak Gyan Upright
£29.00    £4.00


With the latest Nordic trend and Scandi design entering our homes, this furniture manufacturer knows exactly what you want, contributing to one of the fastest-growing trends in the world.

Known for its minimalist colour palettes with cosy accents, their designs often play on the use of natural light.

WOOOD is the trademark of De Eekhoorn Woodworkings BV, their key focus is creating sturdy, contemporary and attractive furniture. It can clearly be seen by their extensive range of storage furniture and small furniture solutions from hallway to living room, bedroom to office.

Their furniture range comes flat packed and is easy to assemble with Pure WOOOD style.

More than 60% of the range is produced in Holland with Dutch production giving a distinct advantage as its renowned for its higher quality.

The company started in 1980 as a process-orientated manufacturing process applying modern techniques, systems and machines. The type of process increased the efficiency and production volume and maintained the quality of their products.

Made by WOOOD