Laundry Baskets

Whether kept in the bathroom, bedroom or on the landing, a laundry basket is an absolute must-have. They're ideal for not only dirty clothes but for transporting clean clothes from room to room. Our extensive range includes laundry baskets and laundry bins as well as divided laundry hampers and laundry sorters.

If you’re going to have a place to put your dirty clothes before they go in the wash, then at least make sure it looks stylish and attractive. At A Place For Everything, we’ve handpicked the very best, canvas or nylon Laundry Bags, wooden or plastic Laundry Boxes and woven Laundry Hampers and Baskets made from wicker, rattan, jute or hessian.

Need to save space? Then take a peek at our space-saving Corner Laundry Baskets. Plus, you don’t want to get your washing in the wrong pile, so we have a Laundry Sorter so you can separate out your light from your dark washing.

We’ve traditional and contemporary designs to suit your taste and room. Plus, we even have a fun-Laundry Bin shaped like a washing machine! We stock other storage baskets too along wirth a range of IKEA style cube storage.