Bike Racks

Bikes can take up a lot of precious room in your garage so it's important to store them in the most efficient way. We've got a quality selection of bike storage hooks including vertical and horizontal bike hooks, wheel hang bike racks and ceiling mounted bike lifts. These are all great ideas for saving the floor space underneath.

Bikes are bulky and valuable. So it makes sense to secure them from theft, but also have them with easy access, so it’s not much of a hassle to get them out of your garage. So here are some ways to gently and securely store your family’s bikes so they’re not buried at the back of the garage.

On your wall, from your ceiling and on the floor: at A Place For Everything we have Bike Racks that take up the minimum of space. You can secure them by the top bar, the handlebar, or the wheels. We even have Double Bike Racks so you can overlap them to save even more space.

We can store them horizontally or vertically from the wheel. Plus we even have a Bike Lift that raises them up to the ceiling, so you have all your floorspace free underneath.