Bread Bins & Kitchen Bins

The bread bin and kitchen bin are necessary additions to any kitchen. We've got kitchen bins, recycling bins, countertop compost bins and bread bins.

Bread shouldn’t be kept in a fridge: it dries it out, impairs the flavour and texture so it quickly goes stale. It’s best to keep your bread in a bread bin.

Take a look at our space-saving Expandable Bread Bin that keeps your bread fresher for longer. It expands to the size of your loaf, has an integral cutting board with handy notch markings on it so you always cut even slices. Plus as you take out slices, you can contract the bread bin so there is minimal air surrounding it.

From traditional enamel and steel bins in charcoal or white, we also have modern, funky designer-led bread bins in funky red or lime.