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Updated: 21/09/2020

Full Range

£ 85 .00

Well-made wine and champagne cooler / bucket with a polished finish. Neatly holds 6 bottles of your favourite plonk.

£ 14 .00

Crystal clear cheese serving dome / storage box with removable chopping / serving board.

£ 24 .50

Modular wine bottle rack with honeycomb design. Each module holds up to ten bottles of your favourite vino. Available in Black or White.

£ 10 .00

High quality set of stacking storage boxes for your hams, pate and chorizo sausages etc.

New Low Price

£ 13 .00

Neat rack to store fizzy drinks and beer cans in the fridge. Keeps your fridge tidy and stops cans rolling around the shelves! Available in Clear Acrylic.

£ 10 .00

Neat acrylic wine / bottle rack to stack inside your fridge to create a bit of extra storage space. Also great for fizzy drinks and bottles of juice etc.

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£ 15 .00

This wirework cake rack has an Antique Brass finish and is more sophisticated than your average cooling rack.

£ 22 .00

Powder coated traditional round cake tin in a chalk finish to keep your cakes and cookies fresh.

£ 10 .00

Handy rust proof wine glass drying rack suitable for air drying 6 glasses. The foldable design makes it easy to store when not in use.

£ 149 .00

White and bamboo kitchen trolley on casters with 3 storage cupboards, a drawer and enough space to store 9 bottles of wine.

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£ 65 .00

Well-made wine cooler / bucket with a hammered polished finish. Neatly holds 6 bottles of your favourite plonk


£ 10 .00

Create a giant 6cm hail stone ice cube to keep your drink cooler longer with our Ice Ball maker.

£ 6 .50

Silicone ice cube tray to create frozen LEGO bricks to add to your drinks.

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£ 24 .00

3-tier Scandinavian inspired dessert stand crafted from white powder coated steel and light wood.

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£ 29 .50

Help create your own stylish afternoon tea from the comfort of your home with this three tier serving stand. Great for teatime treats!

£ 10 .00

High-quality fun cheese storage box with a removable perforated internal tray designed to stop your cheeses sweating.

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£ 9 .00

Biscuit storage container with a whimsical swirled cookie shaped airtight lid. Also ideal for filling with sweets.

£ 4 .00

Oranges practically shed their own skin with this unique kitchen tool!

£ 8 .00

Crystal clear acrylic air-tight storage box to store crisp bread and Ryvita crackers

£ 21 .00

Transparent expanding bread bin with integrated chopping board and stay-fresh vent.

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£ 10 .00

Wall mounted wine bottle holder to store and display your 3 favourite bottles and glasses.

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£ 50 .00

Stylish polished steel champagne cooler with a chunky dark blue rope handle.

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£ 35 .00

Stylish polished steel ice bucket with tongs and a chunky dark blue rope handle.

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£ 26 .00

Stainless steel spirit cooler bowl with 6 shot glasses. A must have when company calls.

£ 10 .00

Tomato sauce dispensing revolver style gun to add an element of fun to food at summer BBQs, birthday parties etc.

£ 16 .00

Stack your plates vertically with our innovative vertical plate stacker rack to create near-instant extra cupboard space and easy access

£ 5 .00

Freestanding stainless steel corner plate rack. Perfect to organise countertops or for buffets when the whole family come to visit.

£ 15 .00

Clear plastic turntable to help organise and locate condiments, spices and tins in the cupboard. Also great for use in the fridge or on a countertop.

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£ 18 .00

Flexible white wooden armrest tray to offer a stable place to pop drinks, remotes etc.

£ 4 .50

A mugs best friend! A pair of handy little bag to pop your break-time biscuit into when feeling peckish.