Clothes Rails & Hanging Organisers

Keep your clothes, shoes and accessories under control with a helping hand from our selection of hanging rails and organisers. Whether you're looking for a freestanding or ceiling mounted clothes rail or a hanging organiser for shoes, sweaters and jewellery, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

Hanging your clothes means that they stay crease free and they’re ready to wear straight away. At A Place for Everything we have both freestanding Clothes Rails, plus Hanging Organisers to help you make the most of your rail, whether it’s freestanding or in your wardrobe.

Clothes Rails are brilliant handy extra storage for your clothes when you run out of wardrobe space; or you want a portable rail on wheels for a spare bedroom; or because you’re renting. Some tenants or students are not allowed to screw anything into a wall, so freestanding clothes rails are the perfect solution.

We have simple, budget Clothes Rails, right up to luxurious and designer-led rails: take a look – you’ll be surprised how ingenious they are. They come in metal, wood including Scandinavian light wood – and we even have some Velvet Clothes Stands.

Here’s an ingenious idea to hang clothes at an angle for under the stairs, or in an attic room under the eaves. Our Zebedee Clothes Hanging Rail has a clever spiral that lets you hang up clothes, but prevents them from slipping down the sloped rail.

Garment covers: They’re not just great for travel. If you have freestanding clothes rails, it’s worth looking at our long and short Garment Covers. They help protect your clothing from sun damage, dust and moths. We have short lengths for suits, jackets and trousers; plus longer lengths for ball gowns, coats and maxi dresses etc. We even have Clear Garment Covers for fast and easy identification.

One all-in one solution is our Canvas Zip-up Wardrobes: great for spare rooms, student digs and for storing out-of-season clothes.

Not everything you hang down from a clothes rail has to be on a hanger or even have to be clothes. Our Hanging Organisers hang down from clothes rails – both inside a wardrobe and on a freestanding rail. So you can use the vertical space to hang sweaters, tops, folded clothes, scarves, shoes, hats, jewellery, handbags and accessories. Plus some of them can even hang down from your bedroom or wardrobe door.