Coat Hangers

We've got a great range of coat hangers and clothing clamps which come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Our handpicked range includes traditional wooden coat hangers, trouser hangers, hangers with clips, plastic hangers and more.

OK, for starters coat hangers aren’t obviously just for coats. You can hang almost any item of clothing. Plus, we have different styles for scarves, pashminas, ties, belts, bags, handbags and hats.

Our Coat Hangers and Clothing Clamps come in all shapes, sizes and materials… wood, plastic, velvet, chrome and rubber. Rubber? Well, Rubberised Coat Hangers to prevent clothes slipping. We also have Rubberised Trouser Bars to prevent then slipping off.

To save space, try our Multi-trouser Hangers: they hold up to 5 pairs on 1 hanger. Or go for wardrobe Rail Hooks and Over Door Hooks. Formal for you and fun for kids: we have special fun and funky Children’s Coat Hangers too.