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£ 34 .00

Neon light inspired wirework wall mounted 'hello' coat rack.

£ 16 .00

You asked for a larger version of our famous multicoloured coat hook and it took us a while but finally here it is!

£ 12 .00

Eames inspired multi-coloured coat hook at a great low price!

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£ 40 .00

Sung Wook Park designed beveled pine wood coat hook from our friends in Holland.

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£ 37 .00

Stylish pegless coat hook from Germany design house Kaschkasch

£ 12 .50

We love this neat hallway storage idea by designer Jordan Murphy. Available in a white and grey or a matt black finish, it's a great hallway organiser for post, keys, mobile phones etc.

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£ 5 .00

Store and organise keys, post, hats and much more with this wall mounted mail organiser with storage shelf and five key hooks.

£ 19 .00

Save space at the bottom of the wardrobe with our chromed hanging swivel handbag storage hook

£ 28 .00

London Underground inspired coat rack with 10 storage hooks.


£ 39 .00

A larger version of our best selling coat hook, designed by David Quan. This time it's back with 8 hooks instead of 5, giving you much more storage space.

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£ 14 .00

Black metal wall mounted coat rack with 6 storage hooks.

£ 59 .00

Handmade solid oak coat hook from the workshop of our Welsh designer friend Gafyn.

£ 37 .00

Top quality brushed stainless-steel coat hook for those who want the minimalist look. This item looks stunning in the flesh and is finished to the highest standard.

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£ 27 .00

Set of four wall hooks from our designer friends in Germany. Choose from white or colours

£ 35 .00

Handmade traditional stylish solid oak coat rack with 6 storage hooks. Made exclusively for STORE by our friend Rhys in North Wales

£ 79 .00

Handmade in North Wales our solid oak ascending coat rack has been designed to sit perfectly under a staircase. Pop little one's coats or scarves and bags on the lower hooks and grown-ups coats on the upper hooks of this top quality coat rack.

Choice of wooden finishes

£ 30 .00

We love this neat storage idea by designer William Mak. Available in a dark wood or white finish it's a great hallway organiser for coats, post, keys, the mobile etc.

£ 32 .00

Sturdy metal rack to store your handbags. Can be configured for use inside a wardrobe (as shown) or hanging on the back of a door.

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£ 79 .00

Our 10 hook Yosemite family-sized coat hook has been handcrafted from the Mangosteen tree. Each rack is hand finished and retains the natural imperfections of the tree for a unique finish.

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£ 15 .00

Wall mounted powder coated coat rack and shelf cleverly created by our designer friends in the Oxo Tower Available in black and white.

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£ 18 .00

Set of three sturdy metal emoji coat hooks. Perfect for the hallway or how about in kids bedrooms


£ 14 .00

A smaller version of our best selling coat hook designed by David Quan. This time it's back with 3 hooks and is perfect for small hallways.

Available in Black and White
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£ 20 .00

Bubble-design wall mounted coat hook with 5 bubbles to store your coats and bags. Great for use in the hallway or porch.

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£ 8 .00

Scandi double wall mounted storage hook, crafted from bent bamboo. Perfect for a stylish hallway or porch area.

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£ 8 .00

Attractive little rust-resistant brushed stainless steel coat hook. Great for a showroom or small hallway

£ 55 .00

Raw steel wall mounted luggage rack style shelf and hanging rail with 4 storage hooks.

£ 14 .00

This neat item is ideal for use on the back of a door for a bit of extra wardrobe space or how about in a utility room as a compact clothes airer

£ 31 .00

5 double hook Farringdon coat rack with an industrial finish.

New Low Price
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£ 15 .00

Stop your dog leads going walkies with our new quirky, hand finished oak veneer dog lead storage hooks.

More about this range

We have every type of hook in every material for every room. So we’ve Coat Hooks in wood, solid oak and ash, plus metal coat hooks in galvanised steel. We’ve conventional peg hooks and designer hooks for fashion followers. Check out our swivel hooks and pull-down hooks, plain and multi-coloured hooks.

We’ve hooks for every room: children’s room hooks, bedroom hooks, hallway hooks, cloakroom hooks, plus ingenious angled and spiralled under-stairs hooks. And don’t forget to look at our Over The Door Hooks.

We’ve also handbag hooks to hang inside your wardrobe from the clothes rail just like a coat hanger – or to hang from the edge of dining tables. Looking for something unusual? Take a butcher’s hook at our coat hooks and racks in the shape of ‘hello’. Or see our hooks shaped like bubbles, hands, dogs, stags, or skyscrapers.

Or try our emoji hooks, LEGO hooks or our Tube map hooks.