Craft Room Storage Furniture

If your hobby is crafting or painting, you’ll probably wish you had more space to enjoy it. No matter what size space you have, it’s important not to feel hemmed in, but to maximise the storage of every inch of the room to give yourself more room. So at A Place for Everything we’ve got creative with our storage solutions.

Our Elfa Best Selling Craft Solutions are clever wall-mounted storage for crafter and artists. They use your vertical space well so your floorspace is free. Some even have a desk built into the design.

We even have a Wall-mounted Occasional Desk: it folds down from the wall when you need it and back up again afterwards to save space.

Don’t forget your doors: see them as blank canvases that are waiting to be filled! Our Over Door Elfa Rack is a head to toe height storage solution that fits over the back of a door – or you could easily mount it on a wall too.