Dish Racks & Sink Area

Whether you call it a dish rack, dish drainer, draining board or something else, we've got a great range of products offering an effective way of drying dishes. We've also got a selection of sink-side accessories including sponge holders, under sink organisers and kitchen roll holders.

Dishracks, Dishracks, Drainage Racks, Draining Boards, or even Plate Racks: we don’t mind what you call them, we have them by the plate load! So have them on the side or in the sink, you can drain crockery, cutlery, glasses, utensils and more and have them neatly stored in one place ready for next time. Some are even foldable to save you even more space: ideal for smaller kitchens and caravans. .

At A Place for everything we know that not all sinks are created equal. So we even have a Telescopic Drainer that e-x-p-a-n-d-s to the size of your sink.

Then there are all those other bits and bobs around the sink that aren’t exactly storage, but we think they’re really useful. Such as Soap Dispensers, Drain Catchers to stop food and hair going down the plug hole. Or our Pan Lid Strainer that’s perfect for straining off water from vegetables, pasta and rice etc.