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£ 5 .00

Raw oak door wedge that can be hung on the door handle when not being used.

2 Designs To Choose From
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£ 17 .00

Gorgeous dog-shaped doorstop crafted from grey felt and brown faux leather.

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£ 24 .00

Stainless steel, heavy duty doorstop that will even hold open the heaviest of fire doors.

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£ 6 .00

Fun door stop in the shape of a racing car to park under your door frame. Available in black, red and green.

£ 12 .00

Gorgeous animal-shaped door stops in aged leather with 6 animals to choose from. These weighty bean-filled door stops offer great value for money and make a great idea for children's rooms.

More about this range

As your hallway has lots of comings and goings, sometimes you just want to prop your door open, especially if you’re moving things in and out of your home. So it makes sense to prop open your door with a heavy weight or a wedge.

At A Place For Everything, we have every type of Door Stop and Door Wedge you can imagine including solid wood. If you want something fun then try our novelty Doggy Door Stops and Racing Car Door Stops. Or for designer style, go for Stainless Steel Door Stops, and heavy aged Leather Animal Door Stops.