Elfa Starter Kits

Our elfa starter kits have been put together to either use as a basic storage solution or to use as a starting point for a larger solution. Some of our kits have clothes hanging rails as well as shelving and other kits are made up entirely of modular shelving. These budget-friendly solutions can be used to bring organisation to any room.

You could put together a bespoke design with all the component parts. But we realise that sometimes it’s not easy to know where to start. So our budget, entry-level Elfa Starter Kits are the ideal way to begin, to see how it all works and to use it as a springboard before enjoy the versatile beauty of Elfa in every room and for every need in your home.

Our budget-based started kits give you a complete in the box solution that’s cost effective – so they cost a lot less than if you bought all the separate component parts. Plus, you can use it as a starting point to build on to fit your space. Plus as your needs change, you can even repurpose it for another need in a different room.

Elfa Shelves to store everything in every room, plus and Elfa Hanging Starter Kits with rails for clothes on a hanger. These are solutions that can fit on your wall, inside your wardrobe or in an alcove: they move everything off your floor so you have more room to move around.