Garage Storage

Take control and get your garage organised with our range of garage and bike hooks. From spring grips and multi-purpose hangers, bike wall hangers and lifts to garden hose hooks and shelf supports, you're sure to find a smart and space-saving solution.

Bike Hooks

Whether you call them Bicycle Hooks or Cycle Hooks, we’ve got six, yes six different Bike Hooks. Ones you can park your bike, hang it from the frame, the wheel or the pedal. Plus we have heavy duty lockable storage bike hooks.

We even have a Bike Lift: a bike hook that lower down from the ceiling so you maximise your space.

Garage Hooks and Racks

For your boot room, garage, shed, workshop or outside, we have Ladder Hooks, Garden Chair Hooks and Garden Tool Hooks, Bucket Hooks, Garden Hose Hooks, Power Tool Hooks, Welly Boot Hooks. Plus we’ve Overhead Hooks and Spring Clips for tools and torches, mops and brooms.

One of my favourites is the Gardeners Coat Hooks: shaped like a spade or a fork with hooks that hang down.