Storage Boxes, Bags, Buckets & Containers

Bring some organisation to your garage with our range of garage storage boxes. We've got waterproof storage boxes, toolboxes, folding crates, multi-purpose storage boxes and more.

Bits and bobs, odds and end, nuts and bolts: there are so many fiddly pieces that we all need for DIY, decorating and craft hobbies that we sometimes need Boxes, Bags and Buckets to put them all in so they’re easy to store and to find.

So take a look at these plastic boxes from tiny sizes, right up to 120Litr XXL Mega-roller Lidded Roller Storage. Or go for Storage Boxes with built-in divider compartments so you can put things away and find them just as quickly.

Some storage is specially made for certain items. You can get all these here: Bauble Boxes, Christmas Decoration Boxes, VIP Document Boxes, Household Tool Boxes… plus Waterproof Boxes, Kindling Wood Boxes, Craft Storage Boxes.

After the festive season, we’ve Bauble and Christmas Decoration Boxes, plus Bags for Christmas lights trees and wreaths.

Plus we’ve even Garden Furniture Storage and Metal Buckets for coal, ash or kindling wood.