Garage Hooks & Storage Racks

Our garage storage hooks and racks might not be the prettiest of our storage solutions but they're definitely needed. Whether your garage is large or small, you're sure to find a hook to suit. We've got multi-purpose hooks, spring grips, ceiling-mounted hooks, lockable storage hooks, garden hose hooks and more.

We’re all looking for ways to store more whether we have a small or large garage. Hooks and Hangers are a great way to use your inner and outer garage wall for ladders, garden hose, power tools, sports equipment, bikes, helmets and skateboards. We’ve tested them all to ensure that they’re decent, robust, durable quality.

Plus, if you’re storing your ladders and other items outside, see our heavy-duty Lockable Storage Hooks to keep them secure.

Hooks don’t have to be wall mounted. Some hooks can be hung from the ceiling. Overhead Hooks and Racks are ideal for ladders, planks of wood, parasols, curtain rails, pieces of cornice or beading,

Don’t forget to see our stainless steel Elfa Wall Storage for superb storage solutions that are guaranteed for 10 years.