Browse our wildlife section and you'll find a great selection of products which will have local wildlife flocking to your garden. You'll find bird feeders, hedgehog houses, bee and butterfly houses and toad huts. All are great for helping those little garden visitors to survive.

It’s easy to encourage the birds and the bees in your garden – as if they needed any encouragement, they just do what comes naturally! Just add some Bird Feeders & Boxes, plus Bee Feeders, Boxes and Houses.

At A Place For Everything we have love to have wildlife flocking into our garden, so we have traditional designs, plus Giant Pinecone and Acorn Bird Feeders, plus Butterfly Houses, Hedgehog Houses, Toad Huts and Chicken Coups. We even have an Insect Hotel – yes we know you’re raising your eyebrows at this point, but those little beasties help to look after your flowers!