Gyan Modular Oak Shelving System

It's easy to do

Using just 5 modular components, it's easy to create a bespoke living room or home office shelving system tailored to your space and needs:

  1. Select the oak uprights which are the only component that screws to the wall
  2. Next add, shelves, open cubbies, closed cubby drawers or a desk. All these components simply clip into place without the need for further drilling

Top STORE Tips: All the Gyan components are 80cm wide so it's easy to work out how many shelving bays you can fit into your space. If you'd prefer not to work it out yourself, feel free to give us a call on 01244 680 501 or drop us an email via & we can work-up a design for you to make best use of space OR we've included some pre-configured best selling kits here too.

Gyan Wall Shelving Unit