Keys & Phones

Keys and mobile phones seem to be the 2 things that people often misplace. Have a look at our range of storage trays, key holders, key racks and key clips which have been designed to offer a helping hand.

When you come into your home, you want to put somewhere your things, your phone, your keys, a place to sort out your mail or post that’s popped through your door, a place to put your bag.

At A Place For Everything we have all the solutions from a simple Hallway Shelf, to handy Hooks. Some fix to wall, some hook to wall, and some are phone cubbies. And remember, Key Hooks for keys also can be used as hooks for coats, jackets caps and hats and vice versa.

Plus we have more unusual ideas too: an outdoor ornamental Frog that opens up where you can hide a spare key. Have you ever struggled to find the right key on a key ring or in your bag? Then try making them easier to identify. We have eye-catching Key Caps – colourful covers in the shape of guitars.