Hallway Storage For Shoes

Our range of hallway shoe storage has been designed to accommodate different style preferences, budgets and spaces. You'll find a great selection of simple shoe racks, shoe cabinets and shoe cupboards as well as shoe shelves and ladders. Our range includes freestanding, wall-mounted, stackable and extendable options.

Choose shoe storage for your hallway that’s right for you and your needs. If you want a grab and go budget version, then open Shoe Racks are the way to go. They save you money over other options, but they tend to be lower to the ground and mean that your shoes will need dusting from time to time. Some designer-style racks even ‘float’ on walls with hidden fixings.

Closed Shoe Cabinets if you want a more formal look and a discreet piece of furniture to house your footwear. These tend to be higher, using more of your vertical space and you tend to be able to store more shoes. Typically they have pull down drawer fronts and the shoes are stored at a slight angle – to save space – on racks inside.

Some Shoe Racks are Shoe Benches: you can sit down as you put on or take off your shoes and boots

At A Place For Everything we have the full range of Shoe Racks, Shoe Cabinets, Shoe Benches, plus we also have handy storage for walking boots and wellies too. See our Shoe Storage Collection for the full range.