Handbridge Storage Cubes & Baskets

Create a style that's all your own with our Handbridge storage cubes and baskets. Available in white and an oak colour, the cubes can be used in any configuration you like and all come with a removable shelf. We've got a great range of fabric, rattan, fibreboard and canvas baskets which can be used within.

Open or closed – and why both look great

You can create a style that’s all your own with our Modular Cube Storage. So you can have them open or closed.

Open: When you have open cubed shelves, you have the perfect way to display items as they are framed by the wooden unit. Plus they’re ideal for grab and go items.

Closed: When you fill them with boxes or baskets, that can simply be pulled out you have a neater, more finished look. It tidies everything away – things can just be thrown in – plus it means that items won’t fall out of the open shelves and mean the items need less dusting too.

Robust material so they’re built to last.

When you choose modular furniture, it’s important to have strong, durable materials that will last and last. Our units and cabinets come in a variety strong materials including MDF, wood, Oak-finish and Melamine.

Modular inserts We sell both baskets and boxes and some with lids to go inside, for a more finished look. The inserts give you huge choice of finishes and materials. Choose from thick cardboard, fibre-board, linen-effect, canvas, acrylic, super-strong wipable nylon and luxurious leather. Or go for a more natural look with sturdy rattan or water-hyacinth baskets. All the colours and finishes are part of our Handbridge Collection, so you know you can mix and match them or contrast them as much as you want to suit your style.

You can have them in almost any colour you could wish for, to suit you, your tastes and your room décor. So we have them in white, grey, pink, red, blue, grey, green. So whatever interior design you have in your room, we’ve a colour that will match, subtly complement or wildly contrast with it: it’s up to you!

Looking for fun and funky? They lets pull out some of these drawers. We’ve drawer fronts with Hearts, Stars and Dinosaurs. Plus, drawers with sequins or chalkboard fronts that you can really write on!

Our Shark Storage Box has an open mouth that you can ‘feed’ with things to put inside. Our Football Toy Storage Box with a real footy pitch complete with a net on the inside so you can use it to have a knockabout too.

If you’re looking for a more subtle or grown-up look, they we’ve charcoal grey inserts, or baskets woven from rattan and hyacinth.

And because they’re all Handbridge Cubes, you know they all fit perfectly too. Some of our wooden units are half sized, so we also have half-height basket ‘drawers’ too.

Stack them to save space:

The great thing about Modular Storage Cubes, is that they’re like giant grown-up blocks. You can be stacked on top of each other, so you can build them up against a wall to any height you want – even from floor to ceiling. So maximising your vertical space and minimising the floor space that you use up is easy: which means you have more room to move around in any room. You can stack them in any configuration to suit your space.

So versatile to suits any space:

Under the stairs, under the eaves, in alcoves or within an unusual space: Modular Cube storage units suit any room in any shape or size: it’s the one stylish storage solution that suits them all. You can stack them to any height, length or shape you want. Even better, as your needs change you can move them around or move them to a different room. Best of all, if you run out of room, you can just add more.

Our Handbridge Modular Storage Cubes give you so many possibilities with multiple options for very room. Have them as freestanding towers or use them lengthways as a coffee table or a single unit next to your favourite armchair. Or have them as a stylish room divider that you can access from both sides. You can even use them as a bedside cabinet or as a table next to your bed.

Or use the open horizontal shelves on their side, so they become vertical partitions to store oversized books, documents and files, and favourite LPs.