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Updated: 31/03/2020

Full Range

New Warm Colours!

£ 6 .00

You asked for new colours in our popular phone charger holder but for your smart phones and here it is! Ideal for iPhones and other smart phones. We're really pleased with the result...

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£ 14 .00

Keep on giving with this handy little gift planner designed to help you plan your present buying in advance. Great gift for friends, family or even yourself!

£ 9 .00

Sturdy lidded acrylic battery organiser. Holds up to 42 batteries across nine labelled compartments

£ 4 .00

Sticky-back silicone cable organiser to organise your USB and power cables etc. Pop 2 or 3 on the back or under a desk or how about along a skirting board to bring some order to messy cable spaghetti.

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£ 5 .00

Pocket sized travel case with velvet lining to store those expensive new earphones that came with your smart phone! Also makes for a great pill box or for jewellery etc.

£ 7 .00

Set of 6 white plastic dividers for that perfect fit inside pretty much any sized drawer. Great for using in a bedroom, kitchen or office drawer.

£ 16 .00

Handy felt pocket to hang over the side of the bed or arm of a couch so that you always have your remotes, iPad, smartphone, reading book etc. close to hand.

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£ 7 .00

Set of 10 multi-coloured cable tags to organise and identify items in that cable spaghetti under your desk or at the back of the TV

£ 25 .00

XL version of our ingenious wooden lap tray with a clever notch to hold your tablet safely for optimum viewing whilst munching!

£ 2 .00

Licensed by LEGO themselves and distributed in the UK by STORE, we're proud to present the LEGO Mini Box to store your paperclips, drawing pins, staples etc in!

£ 4 .99

Neat little book to store all of those important passwords and usernames.

£ 10 .00

Get yourself organised with our new easy to use hardback address book which contains handy 'change of address' labels so no more scribbling out when friends move house.

£ 14 .00

Great idea to save the embarrassment of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries! A perpetual calendar book with pockets to store greetings cards.

£ 6 .00

Keep the whole family organised with our 2020 family calendar which has space for up to 5 peoples activities plus monthly storage pockets for bits and bobs.

Great Gift Idea for any Bride to Be!
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£ 13 .00

Handy organiser to plan the perfect wedding. Includes checklists, planners, prompts and more. Any bride-to-be's best friend!

£ 3 .00

Handy idea to store your iPod ear phones, USB cables and laptop power cables neat and tidy.

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£ 10 .00

LED light in the shape of a clothes peg. Clip onto the corner of a book for instant illumination.

£ 5 .00

Set of 8 multi-coloured cable ties to organise your power and other peripheral cables.

£ 15 .00

Seven piece plastic drawer organiser set. Ideal for a standard 60cm wide kitchen drawer or reconfigure as you wish for any width of drawer.

£ 8 .00

Animal shaped magnetic cork boards with 6 drawing pins. Ideal for notes and reminders on the fridge Available in the shape of a giraffe and hedgehog.

Choose From Blue Or Pink

£ 6 .00

Our sturdy Swedish fibreboard drawer organisers come as a set of 2 and are a perfect solution for subdividing wardrobe or desk drawers and unlike some we've tested and rejected are built to last. Choose from a pink or (as shown) blue finish.

£ 28 .00

Hideaway unsightly cable clutter with our stylish cable storage box. Big enough to hold a 4 plug extension lead and several changes inside.

Choose from Blue or Pink

£ 5 .00

Our sturdy Swedish fibreboard drawer organisers are a perfect solution for subdividing wardrobe or desk drawers and unlike some we've tested and rejected are built to last. Choose from a pink or (as shown) blue finish.

£ 17 .00

Ingenious wooden lap tray with a clever notch to hold your tablet safe Great for catching up on your favourite TV or for a bit of surf and turf!

£ 13 .00

Large enough to hold several rolls of wrapping paper, our new gift wrap storage bag also has plenty of pockets for tape, scissors, gift bags and ribbon.

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£ 4 .00

Set of 2 sticky-back cable organisers to organise your desktop and stop those USB and charger cables falling on the floor where you can't reach 'em!

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£ 12 .50

Ok, so the picture shows it in use in the kitchen but this item makes a great space saving solution above your desk as an IN/OUT tested in the STORE office.

20% OFF

£ 16 .00

Cushioned stand designed to hold your iPad or tablet at an ideal viewing angle for watching films, playing games, viewing recipes etc. 2 different patterns to choose from.

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£ 35 .00

Potsy is a simple and modern planter that effortlessly brings a pop of greenery to any environment. The pots come in a trio - pair together or separately.

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£ 39 .00

Display your favourite t-shirt (adults size small to large) on any wall with this modern frame designed to create memorable wall art.

More about this range

Our Home Office has to house a lot of stuff from staples and sticky tape to stationery. So you need lots of special places to store everything so it’s easy to access. At A Place for Everything we have Neat Ideas to hold your mobile phone on your wall, to store batteries, cable tidies to keep your cables tangle-free, to organise your drawers with dividers and compartments

Plus we’ve clever unusual stuff like coloured cable tags you can attach to your cables and connectors so you know which one is which and you don’t unplug the wrong one.

We have laptop and tablet trays (they’re also great for propping up a book too) with soft undersides that cushion the contours of your legs.

Plus we’ve books to safeguard your passwords, addresses, to store birthday cards in a calendar, diaries and wedding organiser books: they’re great for you to keep and to give as gifts.

How about this: a Clothes Peg Clip Light: it holds the page open of a book, journal or document and shines a light directly onto the page. Brilliant!

And how about Under Shelf Baskets. You don’t have to use up precious surface space on your worktops and shelves: this maximises your vertical space by hanging down from underneath.