Neat Ideas

From battery boxes, drawer dividers and drawer organisers to coloured coded cable ties and tags, we've got a great range of products to organise your home office. Keeping your desktop, drawers and workspace neat and tidy is a sure way to promote productivity.

Our Home Office has to house a lot of stuff from staples and sticky tape to stationery. So you need lots of special places to store everything so it’s easy to access. At A Place for Everything we have Neat Ideas to hold your mobile phone on your wall, to store batteries, cable tidies to keep your cables tangle-free, to organise your drawers with dividers and compartments

Plus we’ve clever unusual stuff like coloured cable tags you can attach to your cables and connectors so you know which one is which and you don’t unplug the wrong one.

We have laptop and tablet trays (they’re also great for propping up a book too) with soft undersides that cushion the contours of your legs.

Plus we’ve books to safeguard your passwords, addresses, to store birthday cards in a calendar, diaries and wedding organiser books: they’re great for you to keep and to give as gifts.

How about this: a Clothes Peg Clip Light: it holds the page open of a book, journal or document and shines a light directly onto the page. Brilliant!

And how about Under Shelf Baskets. You don’t have to use up precious surface space on your worktops and shelves: this maximises your vertical space by hanging down from underneath.