Pow Wow Kids Play Tent®


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Pow Wow Kids Play Tent®

Our love of all things Swedish has taken us slightly outside the realms of our range of quality Swedish storage solutions and into the world of children's play tents.

We were sent a sample of this stylish and fun children's play tent a couple of months ago and it's worked miracles with our MD's messy 4 year old who is now obsessed with tidying-away and storing all his toys inside his Teepee.

teepee kids play tent

The Pow Wow Kids Play Tent offers a really fun alternative to the traditional Wendy house. It's made from 100% canvas with wood effect metal poles and comes with a water resistant canvas base for use inside and outdoors.

At 6ft across, this play tent is plenty big enough for a kids Pow Wow and it may also just encourage them to tidy-away and store their toys inside too, saving your sanity!

Keeping with our tradition of loving all things Swedish, there's a choice of fabric including a lovely traditional cowboy scene (shown in top image), a traditional Swedish Dala Horse pattern fabric or African sunset (shown above), a girly butterfly garden or a bright multicoloured striped fabric (shown below).

Pow Wow Kids Play Tent®

Play Tent Dimensions: 140cm high x 183cm across (at base)

Requires simple self assembly for first use but once this play tent is up it takes just a few seconds to pack away and erect again after a traditional summer rain shower.

Little known STORE Fact: Our Pow Wow Kids Play Tent is most definitely a Teepee and not a Wigwam. We're told by the makers of this wonderful play tent that a Teepee is a portable structure originally covered in skins or canvas & designed for easy transport across the Great Plains. A Wigwam on the other hand is a more permanent structure used for housing and storage.

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