Kitchen Canisters, Storage Jars & Tins

De-clutter and keep all of your food fresh with our range of canisters, jars and tins. We've got clear kitchen storage canisters, storage boxes for use in the fridge, tea, coffee, sugar canisters as well as cake tins and bread bins.

De-clutter and keep all your food fresh with Canisters, Jars and Tins. We’ve every size of food storage from 425ml, right up to 4500ml and everything in between. You can even store one canister inside another, so everything has its own special place and is easy to find, retrieve and refill.

Even better, many of our storage boxes can be stacked – some even have lipped lids to help with this, so you make even more of your vertical space.

Plus as our kitchen storage solutions are crystal clear see-though, you’ll have no problem finding what you want fast.

Round storage is so space-greedy, so we even have square storage that maximises every inch in cupboards, fridges and freezers – so everything is easy to find and nothing gets lost.

Many of our canisters are airtight to lock in the freshness of your food and ensure that there’s no cross-over of flavour as all the aromas are kept inside. So they’re ideal for meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit, butter, dairy products, marinades and sauces. And don’t forget them for spaghetti and other pasta, lentils and pulses, flour and cake decorations, sweets, packets, pots, sachets, cereal, biscuits, cookies cakes.

These two are a perfect pair: our Cheese Storage Box with built-in chopping board, plus our airtight Ryvita® and Crispbread Storage Box to keep crisp breads, plus crackers really fresh.

Don’t forget our canisters for tea, coffee and sugar, plus our bread bins, cake tins and  butter dishes. Fruit and vegetables come in all shapes and sizes, so we have Banana Guards®, Avacado Keepers, Kiwi Fruit Keepers, Parmesan Savers, Watermelon Savers. Plus, we’ve Bins for fizzy drinks, beer and eggs.