Pet Food Storage

Our range of pet food storage containers are ideal for those who like things stylish and in keeping with their usual decor. We've got pet food bins, treat tins, pet bowls and dog lead hooks plus a few other bits which aren't storage but we couldn't resist. I mean who doesn't want a birthday kit for their dog!

Storing pet food can be a problem. You can’t leave it outside as it may encourage vermin. You could keep it in a garage, but then it’s a hassle twice a day to go and get it. So you’ll probably keep it in your home. Chances are that you’ll want to keep it separate from your own food. Pet food often has a strange odour that might be manna for a moggie or doggie, but isn’t to our taste.

So why not keep them in a special tin or bin? We have Pet Food Bins, Pet Treat Tins and plenty of fun furry ways to serve their dinner with traditional white stoneware bowls. Plus 'Hungry Dog' and 'Cat That Got The Cream' bowls too. There are even Cast Iron Wall Mounted Dog Bowls that are ideal for both inside or outside your home. We also have Stacking Recycling Bins that let you sort out your packaging and your waste food.