Giant LEGO Storage Bricks

We loved building them as children – and now as grown-ups we can enjoy them all over again in a new way: as brilliant, bright LEGO storage ideas. Our large LEGO storage boxes, blocks and drawers are in up to 18 colours: the original bright primary colours, plus softer sugar pastels too.   Our LEGO plastic storage boxes are the perfect storage units for small LEGO too. They come in all shapes and sizes… from Extra Small to Small to Medium to Large – and in Square, Oblong and also Round shapes.   Each Brick and Head has the LEGO logo on each of the studs on the top. And yes, you can stack them too: we know you want to!   The LEGO storage system is perfect solution for your bedroom or the kids’ bedroom or playroom. Plus in your lounge or home office. The boxes and drawer systems are ideal as toy storage and for storing pens, pencils and colouring pens, plus notepads, small toys and of course LEGO bricks. Plus, they're ideal to have as under-bed storage.