Giant LEGO Storage Heads

Our Lego storage heads not only look cool but offer some practical storage at the same time. We've got large, small and mini heads in a variety of designs. Heads of the same size can be stacked on top of one another, while our small heads and mini heads can be stacked with our Lego storage bricks/drawers and desk drawers respectively.

Our LEGO Storage heads really are 16cm (Small) and 28cm high (Large). Plus they’re available in both male and female versions and some with emoji faces, scary Skeleton Heads and frightening Pumpkin version too. They’re  a great way for kids to clear clutter, plus they’re cool to look at too.   They’re great for big kids too as an iconic piece of design, plus as the perfect place to put your keys, mobile and of course store LEGO bricks and all your small pieces of LEGO, so you find the pieces you need.   Oh yes, of course there’s the LEGO logo on the top of each one – it is an officially licenced product after all – plus as it’s LEGO, you can stack one head on top of another and then another: now that’s what I call a head for heights!