Music & Movies

Keep your CDs, DVDs, video games and LPs in perfect scratch-free condition with our media storage range. We've got storage boxes for CDs and DVDs, TV cabinets and units as well as CD and DVD storage chests and cupboards. We've even got over the door solutions to free up precious floor space.

Keep your music, movies, video games, LPs, CDs and DVDs in perfect scratch-free condition with media storage. We’ve storage for your wall, your tables and the tops of your units and cabinets.

So we’ve Boxes in fibreboard, designer-style with curved edges in solid wood, or simple metal racks – even Guitar Stands. We’ve also CD, DVD and Games Storage Boxes with chalk fronts that kids will love.

If you’re going to have a TV Unit, TV Stand or Entertainment Cabinet, then make it a great one. We have solid wood TV Cabinets and Music Storage, including space-saving versions that fit neatly into a corner.

We’ve Storage for Remote Controls, so they always stay in the same place and don’t decide to play hide and seek behind the cushions,

iPad and Tablet Stands – we think they’re great for books and ereaders – plus Laptop Trays complete with and an adjustable bendy light on top, plus cushioning underneath the tray to mould to the shape of your legs.

With so much tech, it all needs plugging in and charging. So see our clever things like Extension Lead Organisers to unravel the cable spaghetti that’s hiding behind the unit.