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Updated: 31/03/2020

Full Range

Eliminates cable clutter!

£ 49 .00

Portable, rechargeable, cableless, 100% waterproof lamp with 4 different settings. Great for use on a bedside table as a night light or even out on the patio

£ 43 .00

Stylish faux leather expanding jewellery slider to pop inside a dressing table drawer for rings, bracelets, watches etc.

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£ 12 .00

This soft sided hamper is great for use as a clothes hamper or laundry bag. A nice sturdy idea for carrying washing straight to the machine with ease.

Choose From Blue Or Pink

£ 6 .00

Our sturdy Swedish fibreboard drawer organisers come as a set of 2 and are a perfect solution for subdividing wardrobe or desk drawers and unlike some we've tested and rejected are built to last. Choose from a pink or (as shown) blue finish.

Choose from Blue or Pink

£ 5 .00

Our sturdy Swedish fibreboard drawer organisers are a perfect solution for subdividing wardrobe or desk drawers and unlike some we've tested and rejected are built to last. Choose from a pink or (as shown) blue finish.

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£ 8 .00

The Stackers Tech Stand is an essential for both home and office, allowing you to organise and store your most-used tech in one place.

£ 16 .00

Handy felt pocket to hang over the side of the bed or arm of a couch so that you always have your remotes, iPad, smartphone, reading book etc. close to hand.

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£ 16 .00

5 piece grey and white star fabric organiser set. Ideal for organising the bottom of a wardrobe, deep drawer or desktop.

£ 25 .00

Stylish accessory storage tray from our designer friends in Japan. Great for use on a bedside cabinet or desktop.

Genius Idea!

£ 14 .00

Set of 2 easy to use contemporary magnetic curtain tiebacks.

£ 44 .00

Fold-away sturdy wooden hotel-style luggage rack, ideal for suitcases when company calls and an extra surface is needed.

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£ 12 .00

Clear plastic 2 compartment container ideal for storing hair bobbles, clips and headbands.

£ 15 .00

Glossy white cotton bud and pad lidded storage box. A stylish item to have on a dressing table for those who like to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

£ 14 .00

Simple yet stylish headphone stand from our designer friends in Japan. Great for sitting on a desk or by your bedside for your precious Beats by Dre Neat idea to prevent headphones becoming damaged or tangled.

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£ 4 .50

Innovative extra large Extension Lead Organiser to tidy-up 'cable spaghetti' behind the telly, under a desk etc etc.

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£ 30 .00

Sunglasses storage box with space for 4 of your favourite frames from our Stackers collection.

£ 39 .00

Freestanding sturdy bamboo clothes storage valet for the bedroom

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£ 175 .00

Stylish elfa solution to create a wall hung dressing table area. Great for use in a narrow space as a width of 62cm is all that's needed.

£ 15 .00

Store your straighteners and hair dryer safely after use with our handy holder. Avoids burning the carpet and keeps inquisitive little fingers safe.

£ 80 .00

Umbra has created a decorative ladder with expandable elements allowing it to fit into large or small spaces. Display beautiful linens or towels with ease!

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£ 17 .50

Wall mounted / over the door flip valet hook finished in glossy white.

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£ 4 .00

Fed up of blankets everywhere? Store them in this handy storage bag with zip-close lid and see-through window for easy accessibility.

£ 3 .00

The Ikat drawer organiser fits neatly into your drawers to help organise smaller items such as socks, underwear, jewellery or other accessories.

£ 7 .00

Set of 6 white plastic dividers for that perfect fit inside pretty much any sized drawer. Great for using in a bedroom, kitchen or office drawer.

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£ 22 .00

Ingenious holder and folder to neatly fold and store your suit efficiently within your carry-on suitcase

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£ 25 .00

Simple yet stylish handmade solid oak headphone storage stand from our designer friends in Wales.

£ 46 .00

Lidded watch storage box with space for 4 timepieces from our Stackers collection.

£ 14 .00

3-tier crystal clear corner organiser. Great for use in the bathroom or bedroom on a dressing table etc.

£ 19 .00

Save space at the bottom of the wardrobe with our chromed hanging swivel handbag storage hook

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£ 149 .00

German designed, sleek and sturdy Menoto clothes storing valet stand for the bedroom or bathroom.

More about this range

OK you got us. Hand up: we confess – these are not really all storage. But we still think they’re great and we wanted to share them with you and they are bedroom related… well… sort of. Take a look and you decide…

We have Magnetic Curtain Tie-backs for bedroom curtains (see what we did there). Plus we’ve also have iPod and Book Storage solutions – and even a portable, rechargeable, wire-free, Mains-free Table Lamp: ideal when your plug point is miles from your bedside table.

So we have Drawer Organisers with adjustable section dividers for shirts, scarves, ties, belts, watches, jewellery and more. Ideal for chests of drawers and dressing tables.