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Updated: 30/03/2020

Full Range

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£ 36 .00

Great quality huge plastic storage box on castors with foldable lid. Great for storing bulkier items such as pillows, garden furniture cushions, sports equipment etc.

£ 15 .00

Great quality large lidded box to swallow household clutter. Blankets, crockery, books, toys, you name it, it'll swallow it all and (better than some we've tested and rejected), this box is built to last!

£ 18 .00

Large stackable plastic storage container to declutter and organise. Great quality, with secure clip-close lid and reinforced frame.

£ 24 .00

You asked for an XXL sized underbed box so we found one! This high quality, low profile box is capable of swallowing 60 litres of clutter.

£ 65 .00

Set of 3 of our best selling XXL underbed storage box. Capable of swallowing 60 litres of clutter, it is a must for those with serious storage issues! Buy 3 and SAVE!

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£ 25 .00

Clear the toy clutter with this stacking toy storage bin with handle and lid. Great for use in bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

£ 20 .00

Sturdy 46 litre underbed plastic storage box with folding lid and castors.

Great Quality

£ 4 .50

Transparent, robust and stackable. Our famous clear plastic shoe storage box offers a great way to store and display your favourite heels etc.

£ 9 .00

Crystal clear stackable plastic storage box for your wardrobe.

£ 22 .50

Family sized jumbo lidded plastic first aid storage box with removal divider compartments.

£ 9 .00

Sturdy lidded acrylic battery organiser. Holds up to 42 batteries across nine labelled compartments

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£ 12 .00

12 ltr capacity sturdy plastic waterproof storage box. Great for storing precious documents such as passports, wills, birth certificates etc.

£ 16 .50

Our 22 litre Wrapping Paper Storage Box includes two internal trays to safely store your gift wrap, ribbons, tags, tape and scissors all year round.

£ 29 .00

Our sturdy XL decorations storage container has 4 card insert trays to hold up to 40 large and 72 small Christmas baubles and a domed lid with bags of room to store tinsel and lights etc.

£ 22 .00

Sturdy plastic decorations storage container with card insert trays to hold up to 76 baubles. There are also 2 handy compartments in the lid.

£ 12 .00

Sturdy and compact 24 litre Christmas decorations storage box with 3 cardboard inserts to store 45 baubles.

£ 9 .50

Robust stackable clear ladies shoe storage box drawers to organise your collection of killer heels. Stack to suit your space. Men's shoe box also available.

£ 12 .50

Robust stackable clear shoe storage box drawers to organise your shoes and clothes Stack to suit your space. Smaller ladies shoe box also available.

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£ 14 .40

Stylish storage basket crafted from clean white plastic with a contrasting bamboo lid for a Scandinavian feel.

£ 12 .60

Stylish storage basket crafted from clean white plastic with a contrasting bamboo lid for a Scandinavian feel.

£ 12 .00

Stylish storage basket crafted from clean white plastic with a contrasting bamboo lid for a Scandinavian feel.

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£ 19 .00

Neat toolbox with 6 x internal trays and a large divider tray for tools. Great for popping in a cupboard and keeping oft-used tools etc. close to hand for household DIY.

£ 15 .00

15ltr clip close storage box with a removable divider tray. Great for small tools, fuses, craft supplies, sewing kits etc


£ 24 .00

Our 32ltr folding crate with shopper handles and cool bag is a very useful companion when shopping for frozen food and is also great on a picnic.

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£ 14 .00

White thermoplastic 15-litre rectangular storage crate with cut out carry handles. An ideal size for art supplies, magazines, rolled up towels etc.

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£ 5 .00

Quality white thermoplastic rectangular storage box with cut out carry handles for pens, pencils and crayons.

£ 5 .00

White thermoplastic small rectangular storage box with cut out carry handles. An ideal size for cosmetics in the bathroom, bits and bobs in the playroom, pens and pencils in the office etc.

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£ 29 .00

Large 50-litre capacity plastic waterproof storage box. Great for use in the garage, caravan, shed etc.

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£ 22 .00

33-litre capacity plastic waterproof storage box. Great for use in the garage, caravan, shed, boat etc. or where water damage might present a problem

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£ 17 .50

Sturdy plastic parts storage box with 6 removable part bins for nuts and bolts plus other consumables.

More about this range

At A Place For Everything, all our plastic boxes and containers are all of robust, durable quality. So they’ve been tested to extremes of temperature including frost – ideal for your freezer – see all our Kitchen Storage Collection.

We always aim to work towards carbon neutrality with our plastic boxes. All our plastic containers are recyclable.

Clearly better: with our see-through plastic containers, it’s easy to see it, store it and withdraw it. So at a glance you can spot which pair of shoes, or lipliner you want. Plus, which is the right box for the baubles or batteries.

You name it, we’ve a box for it. So we’ve plastic boxes for batteries and baubles, fridges and first aid, craft items and Christmas decorations. So in your bedroom we have shoe boxes, boot boxes, shirt and sweater boxes. And all of these can be fit inside or on top of your wardrobe.

For your office, home office or study, we’ve Plastic Boxes for Suspension Files and Paperwork. Plus, we’ve also Waterproof Plastic Boxes for VIP documents, passport and house deeds. Waterproof plastic boxes are also ideal for storing items in your garage, cellar, attic or loft. Or have them in your shed, greenhouse or for summerhouse for garden furniture cushions.

We’ve Garage and Workshop Plastic Boxes, DIY Tool Plastic Boxes and Household Tool Plastic Boxes. So you can store everything from nuts and bolts to odds and ends. Plus, from screws and raw plugs, to spanners and drill bits - and from scrapers and smoothers, to files and fillers.

For crafters we have stylish storage to finally tidy everything away in one place. So now everything is easy to find, easy to identify and easy to get to. So we have Plastic Craft Boxes for beads and sequins, jewellery and paper. Plus, we’ve Plastic Art Boxes for artist materials paints and pads, brushes and boards.

For Christmas, we have Plastic Boxes for Christmas Decorations, Christmas Lights, Christmas Tree Baubles. Plus, for Easter, Halloween, for parties and barbecues, we've Plastic Boxes for party lights,  monster decorations and Easter egg and bunny decorations.

We’re big on Plastic Underbed Storage too. We even have 120 litre XL underbed storage on rollers so they’re easy to pull out and push back under your bed.